The True Self And The Path of Virtue

The True Self and the Path of Virtue

Chapter 10

“In holding the soul and embracing the oness

Can one be steadfast and not straying?”

It is time to ask your “self” what part of this being that I identify as “me” can become at one with the spiritual realm? It is certainly not the ego self. It is not that part of “me” that dwells only in the material or physical domain. So in this question at once we begin to contemplate our spiritual beingness. In meditation, that infinite domain whose doorway stands in the gap between the thoughts, there is part of us that observes and has a deep sense of knowing. In this timeless place of stillness we remember or awaken unto the realization that we spirit and are at one with spirit. This aspect of your-self is the true self. This part of us is that which is unified with The Tao. Through virtue we follow the path of the the Tao. This is The Way.

In holding to our realization as the true self we can embrace the oneness, we can become one with the Tao. Can we hold to this oneness or will will give over to the ego, to desire and materialism and ego self serving. As spiritual entities, the true self is our nature. We have this temporary experience as a physical being in a realm of material form. When we are lost to our true self and our spiritual source we live in ignorance of the underlying reality. This is the world of ego.

Chapter 33

Those who understand others are intelligent

Those who understand themselves are enlightened

Those who overcome others have strength

Those who overcome themselves are powerful

Those who know contentment are wealthy

Those who proceed vigorously have willpower

Those who do not lose their base endure

Those who die but do not perish have longevity

Those who understand their identity as the true self are enlightened. This is clarity of being. The ego seeks intelligence and power, the true self seeks wisdom through virtue and  unity with source. We are called to let go of the singular view that we are only a physical being and realize there is more than sensation seeking and fulfilling physical desires. We must apply the wisdom at the spiritual level which requires that we let go of serving the ego (self serving). By orienting your perspective internal, we can be released from the external.

Moment by moment, experience by experience the Tao cultivator brings harmony and balance to life. On the path of enlightenment, we make our mistakes and return to self realization over and over, gaining wisdom and willpower and true contentment.  In meditation we cultivate our base as the true self, the spiritual being we are. Mindful of ego, we learn to free ourselves from the chains of desire and material form. In each moment, we can seek unity through virtue or surrender to ego and the path of suffering.

  • The true self seeks balance and harmony, the ego seeks to feed desire.
  • The true self practices meditation to strengthen unity with the Tao, the ego seeks distraction.
  • The true self is grounded in the Three Treasures, the ego is grounded in sensation seeking.
  • The true self realizes the power of choice, the ego is imprisoned to emotional reaction.
  • The true self chooses wisdom in awareness, the ego is lost in ignorance only to repeat the same coping and creating suffering.
  • The true self embraces the Tao, the ego embraces distraction and is lost to source.

The Tao cultivator is the true self awakening and strengthening its awareness, learning how to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance. Self discipline is the true self in charge and guiding the spirit to balance, harmony and enlightenment. Self control is the true self staying above the egoic temptations enjoying life in moderation and wisdom.

The true self uses the unity with the unlimited ultimate source as their base, enduring the living experience with well being longevity.

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