Chapter 59 Tao Te Ching

In governing people and serving Heaven
There is nothing like conservation
Only with conservation is it called submitting early
Submitting early is called emphasis on accumulating virtues
Accumulating virtue means there is nothing one cannot overcome
When there is nothing that one cannot overcome
One’s limits are unknown
The limitations being unknown, one can possess sovereignty
With this mother principle of power, one can be everlasting
This is called deep roots and firm foundation
The Tao of longevity and lasting vision

Volume Two of The Dixie Taoist Handbook is underway. The topic is Sovereignty.

At the heart of Tao cultivation is the high virtue of Sovereignty. It is described above as the mother principle of power. And with it you can be everlasting. Sovereignty is the foundation for well-being and a long life.

It is with Sovereignty that you are able to find and follow your true path. Volume Two will define Sovereignty and give you step by step instructions on how to develop the deep roots and firm foundation.

The Tao or “The Way” is the a path of discovering insights about who you are and cultivating virtues. Discovering the way, your true path, is cultivated through self-awareness and mindfulness. This awakened consciousness is the true self.

Following the path is a step by step or moment by moment choice. Awake and self-aware, you are careful in with the direction your steps take you. Awake and present you are able to manage the ego and its distractions and illusions. In those moments you are no longer controlled by the ego, you are ruler of your kingdom (your life). This ruler or sovereign is the true self. The true self uses experience, wisdom, and virtue to choose the next step along the true path.

This awakening process is the subject of Volume One of the The Dixie Taoist Handbook. It is a what it is and how to do it handbook. Volume Two gives instructions on how to folllow the path once you are self-realized and mindful of choices. Choices plant the seeds for the future.

Life and reality are always changing. You cannot control everything that happens to you however you can control how you respond to life as it happens. When you are sovereign, you, the awakened and wise you, becomes the ruler over your destiny.

As I did before, I will be sharing some of the raw manuscript through the blog. I hope you will find the information useful.

Sam Beasley
The Dixie Taoist

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