Read Sovereignty For Free – at kindle unlimited lending library

Hopefully, you have been enjoying the short insights that I share on this blog. You may be interested to know that the Ebook is available for free at Kindle Unlimited (KU). KU is Amazon’s lending library. Members can check out up to 10 books at a time. Membership is $9.99 per month. Sovereignty is available as a “read for free” for those members. So if you are Kindle Unlimited ed member, I recommend downloading my book and gain some powerful insights.

kindle unlimited with book cover

With the digital version of this book on your phone or tablet, you can read it where ever you happen to be. So while you are waiting, you can learn some of the ancient secrets for a happier longer life. You can and should work on your self where ever you are. Real life is where truth is discovered and wisdom realized.

The ebook is designed to easy to navigate back and forth at random. The inherent links and bookmarks along with the Kindle e-reader features make it easy to highlight sections and make notes. This book is a handbook for cultivating the Tao Discipline of Sovereignty and user friendly.


These Taoist strategies and discipline will improve your success at life. Get the book, read a lesson that interests you. If it works, keep the book. If you don’t want to keep it, just trade it back in for something that works better. I hope you will give this book a try. Get the book here

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