We are all on the path

Whether we realize it or not

Keeping to simplicity, you can consider the Tao in two fundamental ways:

  • As the source and creative energy of the universe
  • As a spiritual path that follows the natural order of the universe”

Excerpt from Chapter 3, Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Self-Management

As stated above there are two simple but important ways to define the Tao. One is to recognize it as the void or emptiness that is full of potential and the source of all things. The second is The Tao translated as“the way” or the path. This is a spiritual path. The word “path” is a metaphor for the long experience you have as a sentient being. It becomes a spiritual path when a person becomes self-aware and witnessing of the life experience as it happens.

Distraction and Disconnectedness

Being consciously aware of life as it is happening is the point, the reason, and purpose of life. To witness and have the experience.  The prime directive for all living beings is to experience, to learn, to evolve. Most of the lower animals do this naturally. Their central purpose is to just remain alive in a dangerous world. Humans have evolved to the point where it has become too easy to be in a state of distraction and detached from being aware and present with life. One the one hand the distraction might be some kind of desire fulfillment. On the other hand, it might be a way of coping with the obstacles in life. In this state, those who are constantly distracted are disconnected are unaware of the life they are creating through unwise choices. So even though they are on life’s path, they are unaware of their destiny because they become detached from it. 

In every moment of every day, we each make choices that form our destiny. Choices and actions create the future that will be experienced later on life’s path. This future is our destiny.

“The great Tao is broad and plain

But people like the side path…”

Excerpt Chapter 53, Tao Te Ching

This path, the true path is not hard to stay on if you just pay attention. As stated above, it “is broad and plain”. You are on this path whether you choose it not. So the best wisdom is to wake up and manage your life. We all must disengage from distraction and reconnect with life by being present and paying attention to what we do and why we are doing it. By being mindful of what we focus on we can moderate life with balance and create harmony. As you make your mindful choices, avoid extremes and be moderated in your way forward (choices).

It is the lower level of spirit, the ego, which “likes the side path”.  Ego always following desire and self-serving interest becomes a lost in the weeds at the side of the road. Often we are searching for happiness in all the wrong places.  By becoming self-aware and mindful, your choices keep you on the true path. This is sovereignty.

So, no matter who and where you are, you are on the path. Wake up from the side paths and take charge and pay attention. Develope sovereignty to manage the ego and stay on your true path.

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