Patterns In Nature

“Great means passing
Passing means receding
Receding means returning”
Verses 9-11, Chapter 25, Quote Tao Te Ching

 Spiral Patterns In Nature

Nature is a manifestation of the innate creative principle of the Tao. It is the myriad of things produced by the movement of the Yin and Yang. Insights about nature are insights into the workings of the Tao. You can see it in both living organisms and in the non-living aspects of the cosmos that we live in. The essential nature of yin and yang is change.
In the physical world, the weather is a good example for seeing how energy affects our weather and climate. The sun heats the water, air, and land. The build-up of temperature and density causes a change in the polarity of key sub-atomic particles. When this potential reaches a critical point, there will be a convergent release or movement. This is the same movement that you experience and realize this with the onsett of lightning.

The Yin and Yang perspective is relevant to the Tao cultivator because it sets the foundation for understanding how the Tao operates as both the source and a way of spiritual discipline. This binary perspective of changing polarity applies to everything. It is an important understanding for developing life strategies. When you factor the Yin-Yang principles of what has happened and what will happen, you can have more success in shaping your destiny. Knowing that permanence is an illusion, you can accept that change is inevitable.

Clarity is the term for realizing how things are. Clarity is seeing the nature of the Tao in life. Through clarity, you can observe the nature of life in the Tao. Acceptance is having clarity and abiding with the truth. Going against the nature of the Tao creates stress, tension, and suffering.
Example: When inconvenient weather intervenes with planned outdoor activity and you get upset.
Example: When you become impatient because it is taking too long to make that left turn.
Understanding and acceptance of this fundamental universal law is a necessary step in developing your wisdom. Resisting, fighting, and denying, only cause internal conflicts. You can learn to unify with the flow of the Tao and find harmony. Striving is going against the nature of something. Harmony is the balance achieved when working with the nature of things.
The wisdom is accepting that creation and change are part of nature. The wisdom is in both acceptance and unifying with nature and its laws. Awareness of this Tao phenomenon and integrating it into your life is an element of attaining the Tao.
What is your relationship with the laws of nature? This may be the first time that you have ever considered such a notion. Tao and the divine are one in the same. When you align your higher consciousness with the Tao, you are attaining the Tao. Attaining the Tao is to be at one is to be in unity with nature. Why would you not seek that? Your answer will reveal your present relationship to the Tao.
I encouraged you to enrich your perspective of life events and situations by realizing more than one perspective on any given situation that will arise. A multi-perspective view will empower you to increase wisdom. Learn to see and accept the underlying reality of the world around you.
Are you working in harmony with the laws of the universe (nature)? Going against the natural order of things creates striving, stress and distraction. To be at one with the Tao you must become aware and mindful of the patterns and flow. Then you can adapt to the timing of circumstances. If you are too distracted, too inflexible, too rigid in your beliefs, you will miss the true nature of life in those moments.

This is a paraphrase from Chapter 9, Sovereignty; The Tao Principle of Self Management

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