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Hopefully, you have read the blog, “Work on The Self – First”. That post gives valuable insight into why self-reflection is so important.  Self-reflection appears several places in the book. It is a necessary aspect of working on the self. Working on the self is the cultivation of Sovereignty.

As you reflect on your life and you can relive a place in your memory. In your mind, travel back to a previous experience. Through consciousness, a bridge has formed between this ‘now’ and a ‘now’ in the past. You are in the present and reliving the other simultaneously. Does this meet the criteria for being classified as a quantum event? It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you remember what it feels like to be connected to live in a spiritual sense. The mind is how we interface with life through perception, so it matters if you can pay attention to how it is affecting your state of being. Transcending the mind is meditation. Intentionally paying attention to it in a non-judgmental way is mindfulness…” Chapter 43 – Life as A Sacred Journey.

“…Chapter 26 is titled, “Work on The Self, First.” By working on the self, you will cultivate the discipline to keep moving in the right direction. Use the way of virtue to consciously step in the right direction.

In self-reflection, you can realize what you should have done and thus learn from your failure by taking the correct action steps next time around. The power of the Tao Te Ching is understanding which discipline/s to choose and implement for the situation you are in. Thus, through the universal law of cause and effect, or karma, you will unify with the creative force to realize true success…”   From the Introduction,  How to Use This Book.

“…Through self-reflection, you can realize the true nature of your mental state. Then, how you perceive reality is made through discernment and choice…” From Chapter 4, Meditation and Mindfulness.

“…Self-honesty is a first step in the study of the virtue of acceptance. If you can observe your self-talk you will realize the aspects of selves (ego and spirit) talking to each other. All sorts of self-deception can occur when the ego, the opposite of sovereignty, is in charge. Self-honesty is a virtue of the true self. Self-honest empowers you to accept the truth of how you got to where you are at this moment of your life. Good or bad this is the destiny that you have created. To evolve spiritually, you must practice self-honesty to the best of your ability. It is not always easy. It is a lifelong practice to be cultivated. Sometimes it is difficult understanding what the truth is. You will find your self-truth through meditative self-reflection and acceptance…”

From Chapter 18, Acceptance,  under the subsection: Self-Honesty.

 About the picture. Sandy Creek Trail, Athens, GA. This is a place I like to spend quiet time.

These excerpts are found in the book: Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Self-Management Sovereignty front cover

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