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Yielding &and and Flexibility

Yield and remain whole

Bend and remain straight

Verses 1-2, Chapter 22, Tao Te Ching

Wisdom requires that you must be able to change perspectives when circumstances change. You must be flexible and willing to yield. There is a belief among Sovereign cultivators that it is important to be moderate and avoid absoluteness and rigidity of perspective.

One of the pitfalls of absolutism is that it is inflexible. When something is inflexible, it becomes too rigid and cannot change with its environment. For example, if a tree is flexible and it can bend with the force of each wind gust it tends to survive longer. Trees that are too rigid or too brittle will break when moved by the changing direction of the wind.

Being open-minded allows the assimilation of new data. An absolute perspective is inflexible and stunts growth and innovation. In your personal life, an absolute view will become your prison. So, for the sake of pragmatism, open your mind to the possibilities that are waiting for your discovery.

Wisdom is found in the understanding that most things you perceive in life are changing and impermanent…

From the book  Sovereignty; Chapter 8, Yielding and Flexibility.

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A Study Of Taiji and A Study Of Longevity

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year.

I am adding two new categories to the blog site; they are Taiji and Longevity.

Taiji also known as Tai Chi was founded by the legendary Chinese immortal Zhang Sanfeng (1247 – 1417). A Taoist priest Zhang is credited with founding this dynamic system of attaining the Tao. As the first Taiji Master, he is considered an enlightened immortal, sage, Master (if not founder) of Internal Kung Fu.

As you can see his lifespan stretched 170 years. At age 170 it said that he ascended into the Tao. So attaining the Tao has the important benefit of longevity. Since then there have been other “immortals” who have been documented as living even longer.

One such person is the renown  Li Ching Yuen, a Qigong Master who is thought to also have studied martial arts. Li Ching Yuen for slide

It is my intention to share my amazing discoveries of what Taoist Taiji can do for health and longevity. This blog is a study of these three elements of Tao cultivation.

What I will tell you will sometimes be hard to believe. However, your skepticism is welcome. You can read my story here. Years later I am getting stronger even though I am getting older. For someone who is devoted to “the way”, Tao cultivation and Taiji is a game changer. My duty is to share my experience and what I have learned so you too can live a much longer, healthier, fun, energetic, interesting and productive life of well-being.

These books that I have written and the ones I intend to write are steps along the path. You can take these steps with me. Free Your Self was my first book. It is meant to help cultivate self-awareness (realization of

“Free Your Self” was my first book. It is meant to help cultivate self-awareness (realization of true self)

The Dixie Taoist Handbook – How To Find Your True Path” [Volume 1]is my second book which is step by step guide to waking up, finding your true path and living your true purpose.

“The Dixie Taoist Handbook – Sovereignty” [Volume 2] is being written with an anticipated release summer of 2017. This book on Sovereignty is a how-to on taking your Tao cultivation to a much higher level ofattainment. Sovereignty is a discipline and way of life. It is an investment that pays off huge dividends such as longevity and wisdom.

Future books; A Study of Taiji, and “A study of Longevity” will share with you how to cultivate the crazy and wonderful power of Qi and development the “Seed Of Elixer” which was the alchemy that the immortals cultivated living a long, long time. But first steps first and that is working on the ‘self’.

More to come…