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The Critical Moment of Choice

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I have had many conversations with people about how to cultivate self-discipline. Self-discipline is exercised in a moment of choice. Lack of self-discipline is the ego always following the desire of the moment. Alternatively, sometimes a loss of discipline happens when raw emotion overwhelms us. Fear and anger can drive us to take self-destructive actions. In the critical moment of choice, you will be faced with whether you will give in to it or not.

Excerpt from Chapter 27, Sovereignty – The Tao Principle of Self-Management

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How to Take Charge of Your Destiny

Why is this so important? Mindfulness and meditation are necessary to take charge of your destiny. Destiny is the result of choices you make each moment of each day. Sovereignty is the ability to take charge of your destiny and rule over the ego along with its influences over the mind and emotions. Therefore, to transform your life into one of joy and success, you must cultivate the ability to practice mindfulness and be the Sovereign. Excerpt from Chapter 4

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Black Friday looms near – Hold To The One

Excerpt from Chapter 22

Yield and remain whole
Bend and remain straight
Be low and become filled
Be worn out and become renewed
Have little and receive
Have much and be confused
Therefore the sages hold to the one as an example for the world
Without flaunting themselves – and so are seen clearly
Without presuming themselves – and so are distinguished
Without praising themselves – and so have merit
Without boasting about themselves – and so are lasting

In the Dixie Taoist Handbook, you are informed of the process for realizing the Tao begins with meditation and the practices of mindfulness. This is to realize self awareness and pay attention. In this way, you can become mindful of your life experience, what you are choosing and how these choices create your destiny. I call to you all to hold to the one.

As we approach the holiday season, you will be challenged in holding the one, to stay present and self aware. Thanksgiving day is one where we can embrace gratitude and share our blessing with each other. There will be a lot to observe and there will be lots to distract us.

This year, try to stay present and mindful of those things that can trigger the ego into choices that do not hold us on our true path. Be mindful of rising drama tensions and emotions and people gather and bring their distractions with them. Be mindful of desire as it overwhelms the senses with sensation seeking. Be mindful of desire as you are overwhelmed by TV ads.

Each year, I use an app on my smart phone to chime every 20 minutes to remind me to wake up and become present. The sound penetrates the distraction and helps me to hold to the one. When the sound of the chime rings (Tibetan singing bowl sound), stop, find your breath, and return to now. Realize where your mind has gone, what you are doing and why. Then take charge of your mind again, and take charge of the power of choice

And most importantly, have the experience. Experience, the sounds, the smells, the wonderful tastes, and best of all, experience each other. When things get crazy, stay present and choose virtue over ignorance. Choose patience, understanding, empathy, humility, compassion and conservation. Be mindful of your stress levels and deal with it effectively. Take walks, sit quietly and listen to music. Read to a child. Play with a pet. Listen to someone as they talk.

Even if you choose to stand in line of a big box store, in the dark, in the cold at 4 am in the morning, you can still be mindful. Perhaps you will even contemplate why you are doing such a thing. This could be a really good learning experience for gaining insight. Perhaps when the sun comes up, it will create a beautiful sunrise. As you stand in line, notice what is going on around you and practice the three treasures. Notice others and use softness to overcome hardness. Be like water and flow around obstacles.

Holidays can be heaven or hell. We have the ability to create either. You can do this if you hold to the one.

Happy Holidays

The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

gandhi quote future depends on now

“Dont let them take your power”, says my wife to a preschooler who is crying and complaining about being mistreated by another child. When I heard her give this child this advice I wondered what she meant. Later I asked her about it and she explained that it meant that we can choose whether or not we will let someone or some ‘thing’ control how we feel. Power in this sense is about how one feels. The instruction is to choose to not let something external control the internal. The ability to manage how we feel is very significant. This power of choice is available to us all if we can just wake up and exercise it. In everyday life, we are to take control of choice away from the ego aspect of self. This is automatic when we return our identity to the true self or higher self.

Awakening we begin to realize how we create our moment to moment destiny by what we choose. In self awareness we can examine our intentions and question whether they are aligned with the path of virtue or mired in ego. How significant is it that we take back our power? The very quality of our lives depend upon this awakened choosing.

In this present moment as you read this, there are people lying in a hospital beds around the world suffering from self inflicted diseases caused by inappropriate lifestyles and coping with stress. There are others right this very minute standing behind bars in a jail or prison who can only blame themselves for the path that lead to their incarceration.

The Tao cultivator is understands that we each are managers of our destiny and take great care in the directing of our life path. The direction taken is a matter of choice. Choice can either be assumed by the ignorant mind of ego, or it can be unified by the wisdom mind of the true self.

Why do we not always chose the path of joy, fulfillment and abundance? Why would anyone agree to allowing themselves make stupid mistakes? And one of the best questions of all, why do smart people make such ignorant mistakes? Why do people create such suffering for themselves?  The answer is simple. People create a life of suffering because they are lost in distraction, and ignorance is all that they know. This not something new and one can quickly look around and find all sorts of ancient teachings that point to different paths of wisdom. The Tao Te Ching is such a path. It is a collection of wisdoms that have had over 4000 to 5000 years to be refined. It is guaranteed that if you follow these teaching with spirit intended you will transform your life in a profound and positive way. It is as simple as that. Or perhaps we might say, it is as hard as that. Reading and conceptualizing this wisdom is the easy part. Staying present and choosing wisdom over ignorance is the hard part. The longer you have become to be conditioned in the old path, the harder it is and the more practice it requires to move above, or to transcend, the distracted path of ego.

So this is your wake up call. By that, it is meant that you should wake up, be present, seek the wisdom and choose. You must set your intention in alignment with the wisdom mind, the true self. It takes practice. It takes meditation and being mindful. You must learn to pay attention in those critical moment what you choose and why. As you face those forks in the road of life, in each scenario, you can seek what the wisdom of the Tao tells you and then you choose. When you practice this consistently,over and over, the awakening continues and the spiritual self will blossom into clarity. Not only will you realize and begin to understand where you made mistakes and what the correct step to choose is, you will also begin to understand why other people do what they do. As you see ego and ignorance at work in other people, this insight will provide the ability to remain humble and choose compassion for them rather than be arrogant and vengeful. In many cases, your interactions with others becomes harmonious and they will begin to seek out the wisdom that you are sharing. By your example, others may realize that there is a higher path to follow.

It all comes from that moment of choice. Where choice is unified with source and virtue is your compass. This mystic virtue, where the physical domain is balanced with the spirit, is the domain of miracles. But… you must choose it.